Sentosa Island - A World of Excitement

Sentosa Island is paket tour bangkok a fascinating attraction filled playground where travelers to Singapore have the chance to engage in a world of activities that will make your holiday that much more special.
This enchanting island is home to several natural scenic spots such as Mount Imbia and Nature Walk where you will find a lush green world of tropical diversity. Along the edges of the island are its pristine beaches which are called Tanjong Beach, Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach.

Believed to be Sentosa Island's most loved attraction, the Underwater World is a massive aquarium which houses more than 2500 fish that belong to 250 species. One of the most attractive features of this facility is its Touch Pool which gives visitors the chance to actually touch some of the most interesting beings of the sea such as stingrays, starfish and even young sharks.

When passing through the long tunnel you will be able to see an amazing variety of marine animals floating gracefully away overhead and into the shadowy corners of the facility. If you love predators that are built to kill, book the Dive with the Sharks package and get up close and personal with the hunting specialists of the deep.

If you still haven't had enough of the wonderful world beneath the waves, you should head down to the Dolphin Lagoon where you will be able to see pink dolphins doing what they do best, having a ball splashing around. Swim with the Dolphins package will give you the chance to touch and feel these lovable creatures and even hitch a ride with one of them if you're lucky.

There are a number of other attractions at Sentosa Island along with several great restaurants and shops where you can have a quick meal and pick up a couple of mementos before you head back home.


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