Holidaying In Sentosa

The tourism in  Paket Tour Singapore has been booming of late with a staggering number of visitors increasing in leaps and bounds. Sentosa Island is a happening hot spot for the visitors so why not take a look this particular place and the factors that make it tick? A cable car ride from Harbor Front would drop you at Sentosa Island in ten minutes. This majorly rain forest infested island serves as a good tourist locale for the visitors to Singapore.

The nature lovers should not a miss a chance to visit the Orchard Garden with the most exotic kinds of the flowers growing there. The Butterfly Park has innumerable species of butterflies and so does the Insect Kingdom with many insect varieties.

If you don't fear heights, why not take a visit to the tallest and most imposing tower in Asia which is called the Carlsberg- Sky tower? This tower can give you a magnificent spectacle of Singapore and Sentosa.

The acclaimed beaches of Sentosa are also instrumental in drawing the tourists in. The most happening beach is called the Siloso. With a visit here, get set for a larky day of sun basking, beach games and adventurous sports like canoeing.

The Singapore tourism guide provides detailed information on the umpteen places to visit which include Singapore and Sentosa. Dolphin Lagoon at Sentosa is a fun spot especially for the marine life enthusiasts who get a chance to watch the pink humpbacked dolphins. For the history lovers, Fort Siloso provides an artillery display used during the World war 2. Underwater world houses a lot of marine life and has been a long standing tourist attraction.

The Palawan beach is yet another of the wonderful Sentosa island beaches. Impeccably maintained and having an animal show in close proximity, it is certainly a grand place to set foot in. Do you love to gamble? Then run along to Resort World Sentosa Casino. It is a little bit of a lark but spending some dollars will not cause you any harm, provided that you don't overdo it.

If you are fond of acrobatics , try the Flying Trapeze. It is meant for kids and adults both and quite safe with well trained staff providing effective guidance at all times.

By skimming through the travel article, have you realized the allure of Sentosa as a demarcated tourist spot? Then be sure to spend an extra day there exploring all the sighs, on your next Singapore visit.


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